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Dedicated personal trainer in Norwich,
that focuses on you and your goals. Your lifestyle journey starts right here.

If you have ever tried to lose weight and didn’t see the results you wanted, you may have been left wondering what you did wrong?
Well, one of the first things we will support you with for long term weight loss success, is an action plan based around your needs.

The gym can be a very intimidating environment. Confusion, lack of knowledge and confidence can make you stop before you’ve even started.
You will be guided and educated through the whole training process. Every single action in
gym will be carefully chosen to get you closer to your target.

Would you love…

A body that burns energy faster?
Firm, well-toned arms, legs and bottom?
Sleep better, waking to feel refreshed?
Look and feel younger?
Feel more confident and increased self-esteem?
Have more energy?
Feel more relaxed and less stressed?
Stay at a healthy weight forever?
Protect yourself from cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes?
Improved shape and posture?
Stronger bones and joints?

Your body - Your goals…
Choose your goal to see how we can help you achieve it




Norwich based personal trainer. GB Transformations provide premium bespoke training services for improved body shape, heath and confidence.

Based in Norwich city center many of our clients have limited free time and zero or little gym experience. GB Transformations focuses on a personal training experience that is unique to you and your goals.
With an intelligent and educated approach to training we will maximize your results no matter how much time you have to spare for the gym. 
Your tailored  training program will guarantee you achieve your personal goals, from weight loss, nutrition, toning, muscle mass building. 

A warm welcome awaits when you join us at GB Transformations, your supportive personal trainer will support you to eliminate any self-doubt and fill you with motivation and self-confidence in your ability in and around the gym.

We don’t advocate restrictive diets, instead we work with you to devise a personalized nutrition plan that won’t leave you feeling deprived instead will leave you satisfied and energized. Your personal trainer will design your nutrition plan so that it is suitable for your lifestyle ultimately helping you maintain your target weight long term.


Head personal trainer Maris Martinsons has training a wealth of experience with many successes of the 8 years of professional training within the fitness industry and has won several competitions in bodybuilding and power-lifting.


Hailing from Latvia, Maris has been encouraged to have a good work ethic alongside the importance of exercise in order to maintain a healthy and functional body.


Maris has himself been on a personal journey with his body shape and confidence, from underweight to overweight and then from overweight to muscular. Maris understands first-hand how it feels to be a complete beginner who is intimated and lost in the gym, an overweight person trying to lose weight or even advance person trying to get some extra edge with his training.


His passion towards improving people's health and getting them in better shape is what make him take the extra step with his clients.


Maris has helped scores of people, regardless of their initial abilities to achieve their goals, whether it's weight loss, increased muscle mass or improved general fitness to make them feel better in their own skin.


Maris ensures that with an educational and technical approach for every training session you will learn to exercise correctly and in the safest possible way.


Being aware how different foods effect the body Maris can help you achieve your desired results by making slight adjustments to your diet and still able enjoy your favorite foods.


You will never find your self lost in training sessions or confused about your diet. Maris with his educational approach ensure that every client knows what they are doing and why they are doing it.


why are you here?

Your body Your goals…
Choose your goal to see how we can help you achieve it.

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Address:  Complete Fitness, Marriott Close 2, Norwich, NR24UX

Tel: 01603334087

Email: info@gbtransformations.co.uk

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