I knew I needed to lose weight for my health reasons. I lived a sedentary lifestyle due to work and life. I would spend a long time sitting still,  eat a lot and lay down for eight hours.


I struggled to be healthy, developing a high body fat percentage and became dangerously unhealthy. Knowing this I was in the gym but didn't know how to achieve any weight loss.

Maris gave me the confidence and knowledge that I needed to progress in the gym.

I lost 5 stone in weight whilst at the same time becoming stronger and fitter. I'm out of the danger zone, having a healthy life and outlook. I'm so much happier with my appearance.



Before I started training with Maris  I was feeling too overwhelmed to do any exercise in the gym by myself other than a treadmill.


After a few weeks of coaching, I felt so much more confident about using the gym! I am lifting weights I would never dream I could! I love the gym now!.

My body composition has really changed for the better! I am now more toned and my belly fat has gone...hopefully forever! I feel stronger physically and mentally too! The gym is now my safe place to go when I need to let the steam out from life’s pressures.

I lost 7 kg of body fat and 15 cm from my waist!



When I didn't exercise because of my job and family obligations, my body was flabby. I ate everything and my body felt like a balloon.

Then I decided to contact Maris.
It was a tough start, I had to give up old habits.


But when I first saw results it motivated me.
Maris set up a training and diet program that gave me amazing results.

In 3 months I lost 7 kg of fat and built a noticeable amount of muscle.



I started training with Maris 12 weeks after I had my second child, I needed his help with every aspect of getting back into shape.


He helped me with my diet and confidence. Within 3 months I had lost 2 stone and was feeling much more confident and happy with my body,


Maris definitely put me back on the right path. He is extremely motivating and knowledgeable. I don’t think I’ve ever met a personal trainer who is as passionate about their trade as Maris. 



My work keeps me very busy and I'm traveling a lot. This means I lack motivation and don't commit the time I'd like to my health and physique.


Maris helped me get motivated.
I saw quick results, I lost fat and increased muscle at the same time.


The result was amazing!

I lost 8 cm from my waist and gained 2 cm to my arms. My body composition changed drastically, but my weight dropped only by 2 kg.




I had gotten to a point where I was really unhappy with how my body looked, my general overall fitness and mood as well as frustration for not seeming to be progressing with the exercise I was doing.

As soon as I started my sessions with Maris, I felt so much more informed about nearly


I began to feel more confident in my ability at the gym, and that feeling of being strong has

definitely impacted other areas of my life. My overall mood is SO much improved and I feel

in general more calm and able to deal with the stresses that inevitably crop up. I sleep

better than I have for years and to top it all off, it is also a lot easier to face myself in the mirror

now, having lost some excess weight! 



I started coaching with Maris because of my energy levels, self-confidence, body confidence, cardiovascular health, and ability to do day-to-day tasks. As a doctor, I knew my health was at risk as well (high cholesterol).

I would eat anything and everything without any consideration.

My body fat percent was around 24,% with a bodyweight of 92kg and constant fatigue was a problem.

Now I have lost a significant amount of fat. 

The fat percentage has dropped from 24% to 17.5& and my body weight from 92kg is down to 76kg.

I have a better understanding of diet, sleep, and recovery. 



Before I started work with Maris I'd overindulged, felt bloated, slugish and ddn't feel like my self.


Now 8 weeks later i feel full of energy, I feel mentaly better and got my confidence back, I've fallen in love with exercise, working out 4 times a week and love it.


I lost 5.5 kg, which for my height is a lot.



I felt I had gained a few pounds and I needed to get myself in shape. I started in the classes doing cardio workouts then moving to the fixed Weight machines. I had little to no idea as to what I was doing, my results if any were poor.

Starting with Maris I was given clear advice on nutrition and a Structured training program to work on. Getting from where I was to where I wanted to be was now achievable because of Maris.


My Health and fitness levels drastically improved. So far I have lost 8 kg of fat.
I’m lifting weights I never thought possible and most importantly I enjoy it.



Before I started with Maris I felt like I was always trying and always failing.


Physically I felt mediocre. I wanted to feel strong and powerful. 

Now I actually do feel strong and powerful. I feel so empowered.


It's an absolute delight to try anything on and feel like I look good in it. 


I sleep really well. I feel conscious of my individual muscles and enjoy the feeling of them having been worked. 

I have lost almost 10kg and feel amazing.



I got to the point with my gym training where I couldn't quite get back to where I wanted to a few years ago. I felt burnt out, tired all day, overtrained, had several sore tendons and joints, and frustrated.

I ended up getting prescribed a thyroid med by a doctor as it was underperforming. Where did I go wrong to need medicine and feel tired so much with injuries?

I took on my coach Maris and he holistically looked at my training and lifestyle, it was clear I was grinding and overtraining. With his expertise, I end up going off from thyroid medication, regaining energy levels, and fell back in love with training. Besides, I got in the best shape of my life.



Before I started coaching I had been working on my own to lose weight after 2 pregnancies and began to get stuck.

Maris helped with setting realistic and sustainable goals and I was able to lose 5kg of fat. During the coaching, I also developed better eating habits and got back into a regular strength training routine which I really enjoy!


Maris was very helpful throughout the whole coaching - he was very responsive to any questions and knowledgeable on weight loss and fitness.

Now I have my confidence back and I have much better relationships with myself.



I always have long working hours and during the lockdown, I gained a lot of extra weight, that and being busy with work left me being unhappy with the way I looked and demotivated to do anything outside the job.

At the start, I doubted will I be able to do workouts and eat healthily. But just in a few weeks I was released; it's not that difficult.
With the customized training routine and nutrition plan, I was able to lose weight while enjoying life.

Before, I felt pressured to do things in a certain way. Maris debunk decades-old myths around food and training, which hold me back
Just In 8 weeks, I lost 15 kg went from size 14 to size 8.



I turned to Maris at a time when I had put on quite a bit of weight, my eating habits had gone out the conservatory window and exercise was a very distant memory.


I made a conscious decision I needed to take control of my health again and asked Maris to help. 

I was at the point I thought my best days are ate the past. 

Maris's holistic approach helped me build a training routine that fits my body as I have back issues and structure a flexible diet regiment where I don't need to give up dinner with my loved ones or a glass of wine here and there.



I had never had a coach before until I met Maris. Never touched a weight or tried anything other than a cross trainer or treadmill

I have never looked back. I am doing things now I would have never believed possible.

Maris is a fantastic coach. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Very approachable and motivational. His approach towards the diet and training was sustainable, challenging but not too overwhelming.

I lost 13 kg and my waist was reduced by 20 cm.



I was training in the gym for a while but without any direction or plan.

Like most people I stuck with things, I felt comfortable with, treadmill combined with some bodyweight exercises.

With Maris's guidance, I was able to finally progress further.
I was introduced to resistance training, which made a massive difference to my body composition.

As a big bonus, it helped me build confidence and I was able finally to do resistance training on my own.
I lost 4 kg, 10% body fat and 7 cm from my waist.