The emergency room doctor completely transformed his body shape, decreased bad cholesterol, and lost 14kg in 4 months, while working 12-hour shifts.

The company director with 2 twin boys never took time for herself and put on the weight over the years. Lost 8kg and improved her health and now can wear clothes she wants.

A corporate trainer who never before considered his unhealthy weight, lost 25kg and 8 inches from his waist. To prove his son and himself he can be more fitter and healthier.

A film producer who was in a cloudy state and wasn't happy with the way how she look lost 15kg and regained confidence despite a crazy schedule.

IT company's owner who was overtraining for years.  Through the coaching process regained his energy levels and got off from restrictive diets & thyroid medication.

A scientist with a newborn felt chubby and had a low fitness level. Lost 6kg in 8 weeks, gained more definition in her muscles, and now looks much better in her clothes.

Telecom engineer, who has been training for more than 10 years and was stuck, without any results for a year. 
Lost 15 kg just in 5 months.

Managing director was finally able to wear clothes she couldn't wear for the last 3 years, regain confidence, and put her in a mentally good place.

Judo coach despite being physically active was overweight for his whole adult life, got scared he may die soon. Changed his mindset and relationships with food and lost 16 kg.

Mom of 2. Working a full-time job from home and studying just in 8 weeks learned a sustainable weight loss approach while having the lifestyle she wants.

A busy mom who had no self-belief and thought getting in shape will be very hard. Lost 15kg just in 8 weeks.