Looking forward to talking with you!


A few notes before we hop on the phone/zoom:

- Please show up at the appropriate time

- Be in a quiet place where you are able to focus without any distractions (please don't be in your car or driving)

- If I feel that we are a good fit, I will give you the opportunity to choose whether you want to jump in with coaching and a custom program, designed for your body, goals, and schedule.

- If you need the support or permission of a spouse or partner to begin a fitness program, please have them on the call with you (they'll appreciate hearing about what your program is like)


As for coaching - I keep my client group small so that I can give you the highest quality program and the best results. This is first-class support, and because of this, I must be very selective of who I work with.


Only apply if you're:

- committed to investing in yourself to get permanent results

- seeking support and accountability but also ready to master your body and gain control of your health

- wanting a nutrition plan that creates changes in your body but allows room for your favorite foods

- ready for a workout routine that fits your schedule, saves you time, and gives you your energy back

Which of the following areas are affected by being stuck?