Toning focus is on getting firm, more athletic body and loss fat from problematic places like belly, legs, bum and arms.

Toning sessions will boost fat burning and create post burning effect that burn fat after training while you rest and at the same time provide toning effect for muscles.

After sessions you will boost hormones that give post burning effect, those hormones burn fat after training. That provide better results comparing with traditional approach of tracking burned calories while doing cardio vascular exercises.

Sessions are not as intense as muscle building, strength training sessions and not as dense comparing with weight loss training.

Toning put together two sides of training, trying to loss body fat and get more firm muscle at the same time.

Training involves HIIT (high intensity interval training)

Every session is monitored and explained to provide safe and injury free training with maximum results.

Sessions include free weigth, machine, cable, resistance band and body weight exercises.

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