Weight loss

Weight loss training mainly focuses on exercises that promote the maximum fat loss as possible in a 24 hour time period. Opposite to what the traditional approach does, focusing just on burned calories whilst exercising.

Created after burning effect means that even after training you still be losing fat. Its possible because of exercises in weight loss training cycle boost cascade of fat burning hormones that creates fat burning environment and stops fat storing even when you dont exercise.

Part of training sessions contains metabolic conditioning, that involves traditional exercises (like rowing) and compound exercises with extra resistance (like squats) executed in high density.

Rotating between different fat burning exercises and approaches fat loss is boosted to an even higher degree.

Sessions are with higher density work (more work, shorter rest)  comparing with muscle building and strength training.

Every session is monitored and explained to provide safe and injury free training with maximum results.

Sessions includes free weight, machine, cable, resistance band and body weight exercises.

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